Sam Lester

Another Sunday evening

January 4, 2015

As I write this it’s Sunday evening and I still haven’t launched my new site. Another weekend where I’ve been putting it off in favour of absolutely anything else.

There’s something about designing and writing for my own site which gets me every time. Tasks I can do without issue in my day-to-day work at Inktrap become crushingly difficult for no logical reason. I’ve generated design after design, half-written then abandoned several blog posts and avoided launching anything for months. I work in a world of design sprints and MVPs but I somehow can’t launch my own site until it’s perfect, forever holding myself to an impossible standard.

So here goes, I’m pulling the trigger. A new site that I’ve designed a dozen times over but I’m still not sure about. A few paragraphs about myself that took far too long to write. A first post written quickly and honestly.

As for whether I’ll keep uploading new posts? Only time will tell.